Published On: April 12, 20231.1 min read

The 2023 ASEN Conference took place from 3rd to 5th April 2023 at the University of Loughborough and was devoted to the subject of Nationalism and Multiculturalism. ASEN is one of the two main associations worldwide for the study of nations and nationalism, a highly cross-disciplinary field bringing together scholars in history, politics, sociology, psychology, and geography, among others. Its annual conference this year hosted over 100 presentations by scholars from more than 30 different countries across the world and, as Michael Hoyler, Head of Geography and Environment at the University of Loughborough, said the conference addressed a set of themes of immense relevance in our turbulent world, such as far-right and populism, minority rights, gender, national identity, and the media.

In this year’s inaugural event, one of our Post-doctoral Researchers, Emre Amasyali, had the opportunity to present the preliminary results of our research project, in a panel entitled “Nation Building” and chaired by David Landon Cole (ASEN). During his talk, Tracing Varieties of Diversity Governance: The Nation-Building Policies Dataset (NBP), Emre introduced the Nation-Building Dataset, a core component of the ETHNICGOODS project and highlighted some preliminary results from the data collection process. his speech generated great interest amongst those attending and was a good opportunity to disseminate our project and raise interest about our research.