Published On: April 4, 20231.2 min read

We are pleased to announce that an article developed within our ETHNICGOODs project and building on its preliminary results has been recently published as open access on the Wiley Online Library. The article is entitled “The Consequences of Nationalism: A Scholarly Exchange” and it is collected within the Journal Nations and Nationalism (Volume 29, Issue 2). It has been co-authored by Matthias vom HauMarc HelblingMaya TudorAndreas Wimmer and Daphne Halikiopoulou.

The publication examines how the main thrust of the scholarship on nationalism, which has so far been concerned with its origins, also has effects. Whether it underpins the nation-building efforts of states, is mobilised by counter-state forces or is used in everyday life, nationalism might implicate a wide range of substantive outcomes, including political regimes, public goods provision, citizenship and immigration laws, and different patterns of conflict. Yet—with a few notable exceptions—the consequences of nationalism have received significantly less scholarly attention. In response, the aim of this Exchange is to create a new dialogue between different strands of scholarship around what we know and do not know about the consequences of nationalism. We organise this Exchange around the following questions: (1) What is nationalism? (2) How can we measure nationalism? (3) What are the consequences of nationalism? (4) What are new research frontiers?

You can access the publication here.

Published on behalf of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism