Published On: September 12, 20230.9 min read

On August 31st ETHNICGOODs’ research fellow Dr. Frank Borge Wietzke joined the panel on “(Un)building States and Nations”at the 119th APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Los Angeles, California. He presented the preliminary version of the paper “Varieties of Nation-Building: A Conceptual Framework and New Dataset” (Matthias vom Hau – corresponding author, Emre Amasyali, Juliette Crespin-Boucaud, Chun-Ying Wu, Frank-Borge Wietzke – co-authors). The Conference addressed the latest scholarship in political science and our paper contributed to the discussions conceptualizing nation-building as an ongoing process centered on the creation of national allegiances and the governance of ethnic differences. Secondly, further advancing existing distinctions and developing a typology that distinguishes between four idealtypical nation-building approaches: assimilation, accommodation, segregation, and eradication. And third, introducing a new empirical evidence to explore the insights and limitations of this typology. The Nation-Building Policies (NBP) dataset ETHNICGOODs Team is working on will be the first global dataset that identifies distinct state policies targeted at socially and politically relevant groups in all countries since 1945 (or the year of obtaining independence).