Published On: June 4, 20241.1 min read

EthnicGoods teamed up with the Research in Sociology of Religion research group (ISOR) based at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and IBEI’s Diversity and Politics cluster to organise a joint symposium titled “The Politics of Identity” on Tuesday, 18 June 2024  

We look forward to a day of discussion on topics related to identity in the beautiful CaixaForum Macaya in Barcelona.

We will explore themes as diverse as nationalism, pluralism, citizenship and  ethno-religious boundaries in light of key societal transformations such as the digitalisation of social life, deepening political polarisation and radicalisation, and the intensification of securitisation in diverse cultural and political contexts.   

From our own cohort and based on research behind the EthnicGoods dataset, Emre Amasyali and Andrei Tarasov will take us through varieties of nation-building in post-Soviet countries, Frank-Borge Wietzke on the usefulness of ethnic vs national identity distinction in African political studies and EthnicGoods Principal Investigator Matthias vom Hau will discuss the links between democratisation, nation-building and securitisation of indigenous groups in Argentina and Chile. 

We have some spaces left if you would like to join us in person and we will offer an option to follow the event online as well. Please send an email to to register for either option by Wednesday, 12 June 2024.