Published On: March 13, 20230.6 min read

Under the framework of the new Research Seminar Series co-organised by ETHNICGOODS and IBEI, on Monday, the 20th of March, Prof. Elliot Green (LSE – London School of Economics) will present his book on “Industrialization and Assimilation: Understanding Ethnic Change in the Modern World”.

Associate Professor of Development Studies in the Department of International Development at the LSE, he is currently Director of the department’s PhD program and convener of the MSc Course ‘Key Issues in Development Studies’ (DV442). Prof. Green examines (among others), questions of ethnic politics and national identity in Africa, patronage, clientelism and African development, and the political demography of modern Africa.

His seminar will be chaired by Matthias vom Hau (ETHNICGOODS Principal Investigator).